DESIGN FOCUS: Tigmi's Top 12 Iconic Sofas

A great sofa is integral to every living space. Whether your decision is purely based on aesthetics or selected for ultimate comfort, the humble sofa helps define the space and get clear on your intention of life within it.

Below we have a list of Tigmi’s Top 12 Iconic Sofas of all time - chosen for their considered, original and enduring design. Most have reimagined structures that have transformed the way we think about furniture, breathing life and character into functional everyday objects. All of them timeless and iconic statement pieces that will never lose their appeal - testament to the ideas of the designers who created them.



Lara Sofa by Roberto Pamio, Noti Masari & Renato Toso for Stilwood

Creating a sunken living room feeling yet suspending it off the ground, the Lara Sofa was first designed in Italy circa 1960 by Roberto Pamio & Renato Toso – students of Carlo Scarpa. With the ability to separate in two parts, it has a comfortable and friendly presence of the spaces it occupies.



DS-600 Sectional Sofa by Ueli Berger for de Sede

Named after a mythical alpine creature, the Tatzelwurm, the DS-600 sectional sofa is composed of narrow modular elements that can be expanded to create seemingly endless shapes – it is also for this reason known as the endless sofa. A 20th century design icon, it has an elegant yet playful appearance, and is pleasingly comfortable at the same time.


Le Bambole by Mario Bellini for B&B Italia

The iconic ‘Le Bambole sofa was inspired by the way a paper bag was set on the ground and squashed. How is that for a concept? Sculptural and bold, all parts are shaped like large cushions – offering comfort and the feeling of a soft embrace for the user.



Camaleonda by Mario Bellini for B&B Italia

Designed by Mario Bellini first in 1970, this inimitable design is a beloved ‘must have’ piece of design aficionados. Allowing several configurations, it redistributes itself with the innovative system of cables, hooks and rings that defines the characteristic look and modularity. Allowing you to enjoy the luxury of changing your mind as often as you desire, moving and redesigning the space – aka ultimate freedom. 



Togo 3 Seater by Michel Ducarot for Ligne Roset

Definitely having its renaissance moment, the Togo Lounge Settee was another icon of the 1970s. Designed by Michel Ducarot, the Togo modular collection is one of the most recognisable from its era, featuring a low-profile it is a plush and extremely comfortable place to relax.

Rock Sofa by Gerard Van Den Berg for Montis Holland

Known for transforming classics in to contemporary forms, Gerard van den Berg created the Rock Sofa for Danish furniture producer Montis in 1970. His aesthetic stemmed from concepts of ‘heightened’ comfort – where this design has clearly taken its cues. With a sturdy high back that lowers to a well cushioned base, it’s high form also helps with zoning living areas within the home.

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Anfibio Sofa Bed by Alessandro Becchi for Giovannetti

Designed by Alessandro Becchi in the 1970’s, the ‘Anfibio’ (amphibian) sofa is perhaps the precursor to the futon couch. Easily transformed into a large double bed, it features an in-built sheepskin mattress when folded out. An icon of pop-art design, the Anfibio is an emblematic example of modern Italian design.


Upholstered Two Seater Sofa by Project Chandigarh

With its iconic A-frame shape, the Upholstered Sofa was originally designed by Pierre Jeanneret as part of his Chandigarh designs, made originally for lobbies in the city. A hallmark of Jeanneret’s work was his great sensitivity to the materials, championing the use of local teak which was highly durable and enabled the designs to survive decades. A celebration of Indian design, these sofas have been redesigned using local teak and brings a comfortable twist to the coveted Chandigarh series.




9000 by Tito Agnoli for Arflex

Born in Peru, Tito Agnoli was a passionate student of the arts, that eventually led him to Italy. It was here that he began to study architecture, working as an assistant to iconic Italian designers Gio Ponti and Carlo De Carli. His works were recommended several times for the prestigious Compasso d'Oro award and are today kept in the permanent collection of MoMa. The 9000's collection designed by Agnoli in 1969 is composed of sofas, an armchair, pouf and four different units (with one/without armrests, corner, curved unit); the multiple versions of seats allow you to create endless compositions. For example the curved units allow to make a unique circular sofa with backrest. This is characterised in modern design, functioning as a space-saving structure.






Trio Sofa by Team Form AG for COR

Created in 1972 by Team Form AG in Switzerland, the Cor blends seamlessly with its simple forms into any environment. 'Seamless' in a metaphorical way of course, because the double outer seam lends Trio an unmistakable character and at the same time demonstrates its high-quality and intricate workmanship. Comprising of three simple elements creating a reclaimer, lounging area and an XXL sofa.



Soriana Sofa by Tobia and Afra Scarpa for Cassina

Created in 1968, the Soriana Sofa was designed hastily when the couple were briefed by Cassina to create a radical new sofa in two-months. Inspired to use the material of the moment, expanding poluerethane, the Scarpa’s set to the task – going on to win a prestigious Compasso d’Oro award for its visual complexity achieved with simplicity. The Soriana is a low and soft design that invites the sitter to really sink in. Its standout feature is the minimalist chromed wire structure that cinch and push the cushions in to place, adding another element to what would otherwise be an amorphous design.


Corbi Modular by Klaus Uredat

Designed in 1969 the Corbi was first presented at the 1972 Cologne International Furniture Fair in Germany. Manufactured by COR and designed by Klaus Uredat, the sofa is composed of two independent minimalist sculptural elements, that can be rearranged in a wide variety of possible configurations. From them it is possible to create a sofa, three separate seats, or a daybed. Made in a limited production over just two years, makes the Corbi a highly collectable example of twentieth century design. 


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