Vintage & Traditional

Nurturing timeless craftsmanship and sustainable methods of production, our collection of vintage & traditional rugs are hand sourced from the Berber Tribes of Morocco and the skilled artisans of Turkey. We embrace the imperfections of vintage pieces – they are well-loved works of functional art infused with history and charm that add incredible richness to modern spaces.

  • Tessalit Tuareg
  • Ittus Tuareg
  • Arawan Tuareg
  • Anina Tuareg
  • Blurred Azilal
  • Noctuary Azilal
  • Migration Oushak
  • Cirrus Oushak
  • Flashlight Oushak
  • Skegee Oushak
  • Lupino Azilal
  • City Limit Azilal
  • Happy Refrain Azilal
  • Sale
    Time and Tide Kilim
  • Sale
    Mumuration Kilim
  • Windhover Beni M'Rirt
  • Lyrebird Beni Ourain
  • Sale
    Westlake Znaga
  • Sale
    Landmarks Talsint
  • Sale
    Pencils Beni Ourain