Our Story

Meaning ’my home’ in the Berber dialect, Tigmi Trading sources and curates timeless, artisan made rugs, textiles, objects, lighting and art from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco to the Black Sea and far flung places in between.

Design & craftsmanship are at the forefront of everything we do. We’re drawn to flecks of character, stories and quality in truly unique, one-off and handmade pieces.

We’re on a perpetual search for new designs that blur beauty & function and everything we source is done so sustainably and made using traditional methods of production. We believe a home layered with unique objects and infused with rich stories and traditional craftsmanship can spark memories, inspire and evoke enhancing everyday life.

We believe in homes that tell our story, while effortlessly adding comfort & beauty to our lives. Inspired by escape, our aesthetic is one of simple sophistication and the timeless beauty of aged vintage pieces, paired with the elegance of modern design.

Our hope is that each Tigmi Trading object will add warmth & beauty to the modern home for years to come.

The Founder

“My aim is to present pieces that are truly unique, that spark conversation, that have a rich history and an interesting story to tell.”

Danielle McEwan

As founder and creative director of Tigmi Trading and co-owner of the Newrybar Merchants in Byron Bay, Danielle McEwan travels in search of one-off rugs, art and objects, hand selecting each one for her inspired collections. Harboring authentic relationships with her suppliers, she’s invested in their stories and supportive of their traditional craft.

After years travelling for her career in the music industry, Danielle’s life-long love for culture and discerning eye for art & design in all forms, is what led her to launch Tigmi Trading.

Her only criteria when selecting each piece, is that it’s made with love and inspires connection adding an invisible, but palpable layer of beauty and soul to the home.

“I find beauty in the unusual and imperfect - every handmade piece is unique... each with its own flaws, marks and history, embodying the story and the magic of the maker.”

“We believe in a connection with our pieces and the stories behind them. They are imperfect, individual, interesting and quirky. We don’t strive for perfection, we look for heart and soul and of course, the stories.”