10 lighting designs we're coveting right now


10 lighting designs we're coveting right now

For some, choosing lighting for a space is an afterthought - for us it is a bit of an obsession. Not only do the lighting choices we make in each room have a huge impact on the function and overall feel of a home, they set the mood and create an atmosphere about a space. Lighting is one of our favourite forms of functional art and is quite possibly the only object in the home which has an intimate connection to its environment. 

With so many incredible designers out there both old and new, lighting can also arrive as wall art, a sculpture, or a centrepiece. Where you can choose the right glow for the space, from soft filtered light of a bedside table lamp, or a moody dimmed wall-lamp for the entryway can transform the feel of your home. To inspire your lighting choices, we’ve put together ten of our favourite designs, ranging from mid-century modern to contemporary, to just simply beautiful.

Gae Aulenti Pipistrello

A thought provoking theoretician, Gae Aulenti was unlike any designer of her time - decidedly so. Designing the iconic Pipistrello (bat) Lamp in 1965, it is considered one of the most revered objects of industrial design. With a fluted telescopic metal base that helps it transform between a table and floor lamp, and a translucent, opalescent shade that delivers a diffused light - inspired by the wings of a bat, Aulenti's signature mark always lies in multi-functionality and versatility.





Golden Editions Pendants

These handwoven pendant lamps by GOLDEN EDITIONS are a testament to the vibrant Ghanaian craft traditions. Inspired by her Ghanaian Mother's eclectic collection of basketry, leather goods, sculptures, and textiles, designer Sara Efia Reddin embarked on a mission to revive and celebrate these cherished heritage crafts.

Using traditional African basket weaving techniques from Bolgatanga, the pendants are made from Veta Vera grass, taking 6-7 days to weave, resulting in a stunning open weave design that allows beautiful light diffusion.



Uchiwa Fan Light by Ingo Maurer

When pictured on its own, the Uchiwa Fan Light looks like a small wall light, but its lightweight materials are misleading, the true size of an Uchiwa is a towering 86 inches high. It’s a large floor lamp connected to the wall with rope for stability. Inspired by Japanese fan, the rare handmade lamp originated in 1977 and is made from bamboo, wicker and Japanese rice paper.




'Chiara' Lamp by Mario Bellini

The sculptural 'Chiara' Lamp was created by one of Italy's most distinguished designers Mario Bellini in 1967. Manufactured by Floss, the design effectively sculpts a single flat sheet of folded stainless steel into a column and diffusing hood. Seen here in the work of interior trailblazer Kelly Wearstler.



'SONIAH' which translates to 'sunflower' in Ukrainian and is one of the symbols of Ukrainian land. Designed by designer/architect Victoria Yakusha - FAINA is founded upon a mutual respect for nature, sustainable design and interiors that connect humans on a deeper level. The Soniah series is made from a material invented by FAINA called 'Ztista', made of a blend of up-cycled steel, flax rubber, wood chips, cellulose, and clay all with biopolymer cover. 



Paper Table Lamp by Dusty Deco

The Dusty Deco Paper Table Lamp draws inspiration from historical forms, embodying both versatility and elegance. While serving as a subdued bedside light, it goes beyond its functional role, captivating viewers with its sculptural quality that encourages an appreciation for the beauty of simplicity. This remarkable lamp strikes the perfect balance between functionality and artistic expression, harmoniously blending practicality with aesthetics.



UFO pendant by Oi Soi Oi

A Danish design, handmade in Vietnam, the result is a perfect bridge between the two. The Oi Soi Oi pendants are a collection represent clean and minimal Scandinavian design, emitting a soft glow and the elegant sheen of silk.


Strikha Table Lamp by FAINA

Derived from the Ukrainian language, "STRIKHA" translates to 'the straw roof,' symbolising the essence of shelter, protecting the warm energy within a home.

Meticulously handwoven by skilled Ukrainian artisans using willow vine, the STRIKHA lamps embody not only an endless and meditative form but also the values of unity and tightly-knit family circles. Resembling the traditional ‘astrikha’ straw roof found in Ukrainian dwellings, these lamps exude a sense of protection, providing both warmth and a shield against harm.

With their rich cultural significance, the STRIKHA lamps serve as more than just lighting fixtures. They become tangible representations of heritage and tradition.



Sammode G25 Applique by Pierre Guariche

The Pierre Guariche by Sammode G25 Applique, a luminaire that flawlessly combines the visionary design of Pierre Guariche with modern technologies for contemporary spaces. Faithful to the original design, the g25 is minimalistic and atmospheric, diffusing light through reflection or variable positioning, without revealing the light source. The G25 Appliqué, with its metal deflector and brushed and lacquered adjustable brass rod, works for a variety of spaces, from dining tables to entrances. Manufactured and assembled in Châtillon-sur-Saône, France, using brushed and varnished brass and lacquered steel.



Marta Bonilla Dona Lamp

Hand sculptured by Barcelona based ceramicist Marta Bonilla, the Dona Lamp has an organic and simplistic nature with an intriguing biomorphic quality. With nuances found in every piece, it is completed with a raffia lampshade made in the traditional way. 





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