At home with Danielle McEwan as featured in Milk Decoration

At home with Danielle McEwan as featured in Milk Decoration

“Our unique residence comprises of two former churches nestled on a picturesque parcel of land in the hinterland of Byron Bay. One church dates back to the late 18th century, the other, built in the 1950's after concerns about the original structures ability to withstand the regions frequent storms. We have redesigned these two structures, giving them each a different style and function.” 


A glimpse into the heart of Tigmi's design philosophy, our founders Danielle and Julian have opened the doors of their Byron bay residence for interiors publication, Milk Decoration. 

Set in the picturesque Byron hinterland, this unique residence reimagines two historic churches, each imbued with their own distinct style and function. One church, bathed in natural light, forms the heart of daily life, while the other offers a serene sanctuary for rest and rejuvenation. 

The article, originally published in French, delves into Danielle's design principles, an exploration of how cultural and artistic influences coalesce to inform captivating design. 

We invite you to explore their unique property and the collection of vintage and contemporary treasures they've collected over the years...


"Everything we have has a story attached to it – a gift from an artist friend, a souvenir collected on our travels, or a family heirloom."







Two churches transformed into an incredible house in Australia - by Sophie Bouchet.

Danielle McEwan is the founder and artistic director of Tigmi, an Australian label that produces rugs, furniture and offers a curation of current and vintage pieces. Living with her family in the town of Byron Bay, she chose an atypical property as her place of residence. This warm interior is housed in two historic churches transformed into a very personal place. An elegant decor which was assembled in a purely instinctive approach.

Can you introduce us to Tigmi? My partner Julian and I launched Tigmi after a trip to Morocco where our passion for Berber rugs , their stories, the craftsmanship and the simplicity of the aesthetic of these traditional designs began. Our business now includes design elements that appeal to me, both vintage and contemporary. These are pieces that carry stories, are artisanal and timeless. Today, Tigmi also offers its own collections which include rugs, mirrors, outdoor furniture and our latest addition, the Nara sofa.

Can you tell us about this unique house? Our home consists of two churches set within picturesque grounds in the Byron Bay hinterland. One dates from the end of the 18th century, while the other was built in 1950, in case the first was weakened by the storms that regularly plague the region. We have redesigned these two structures, giving them each a different style and function. One is very bright and dedicated to living rooms. It includes the kitchen, the dining room, the office, a bathroom... The other church accommodates the sleeping area, including three bedrooms, a games room and a laundry room.

What was your intervention to transform these two buildings? The structure was sound but there were some modifications to be made to the two buildings to transform them into housing. We spent the first years on the infrastructures to ensure their solidity. Then, we were able to start distributing the rooms to create a family space. Transforming this rather austere place without distorting it took time. But we were able to bring modernity in our own way in order to highlight the singularity of the two constructions. The most difficult part was to redefine the sleeping areas by creating openings to bring in more light. We opened an entire section of the cement church wall with a custom-made French window, based on the model of the existing windows. We also sourced sublime doors in Argentina for the other church which add a warm touch.

What were your inspirations to create this decor? Our desire was to work in harmony with what existed, adding our repertoire of favourite pieces. Our style can be defined through our collection of vintage and current pieces, punctuated with works and sculptures by my mother Sylvia McEwan, Craig Ruddy and more. I don't stick to a style, I tend to choose pieces that make me feel something and that will last over time. In my opinion, we feel at home when we surround ourselves with objects and people that bring us joy.

Click here to read the original and full article 'Deux églises métamorphosées en une incroyable maison en Australie'.



Interiors: Tigmi Design Studio

Photography: Alicia Taylor

Stylist: Joseph Gardner

Writer: Sophie Bouchet

Editor: Laurine Abrieu, Milk Decoration


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