Tigmi at home with Georgia Fowler


Tigmi at home with Georgia Fowler

In 2021, a flurry of emails brought us into contact with lovely Kiwi model, Georgia Fowler. At the time, Georgia was eagerly awaiting the completion of her Sydney home and when we made connection so also began our collaborative design journey. Our mission was clear: to craft an interior haven that not only reflected Georgia's inherent and sophisticated style, but one that also catered to the needs of her growing family. Since then, Georgia's family expanded once more with the arrival of her new baby.

We recently had the pleasure of reconnecting with her and revisited our project together. In our conversation, we explored her evolving vision for a serene and inspired family sanctuary, and how the Tigmi Design Studio worked to bring this vision to life. 


What was your vision for this space, and how did Tigmi help bring it to life?

I wanted to create an effortlessly layered and comfortable home that’s as beautiful to live in as it looks. Tigmi has the perfect collection of large furniture items that look amazing, and smaller decorative pieces as well as vintage designs that make a house feel a home.

In your career, you've encountered countless spaces for shoots and shows. How has this experience shaped your personal design sensibilities?

I’ve been lucky enough to have travelled for most of my life and have seen and shot in some incredible spaces and homes whilst modelling. I would love to know how many amazing chairs I’ve perched on whilst shooting. (This has definitely added to my obsession of a good mid century chair!) It’s always inspirational to see how other homes are designed and furnished and it’s a dream of living in a space as photogenic as these spaces.

From the very beginning, you shared your desire for a home that felt like a sanctuary. How did Tigmi translate this wish into reality, and what elements do you feel contribute most to this?

A sanctuary to me is calm and comforting. I wanted pieces we could live with, and not feel too precious around. Such as the sofa, we chose an earthy colour which layered perfectly with a tonal rug. All pieces had quirk, and were effortlessly cool but could stand up to the wear of two kids and a dog. 





Away from the runway, what's your favourite way to unwind and recharge?

A plonk in the pool, and a laze outside! I love our outdoor lounger which floats as you recline! 


"Finding the balance between vintage and new, comfortable and art is the key."


How does your approach to fashion translate into your interior design choices?

I love to dress very similarly to how I approached styling my home. You’ll often find me in a tonal/ neutral outfit with classic well made pieces I will love forever, and a touch of fun added in with an accessory. 




Can you share your favourite piece of furniture or decor in the house and why it holds special meaning?

I am truly in love with our (Cappelen Dimyr) wall tapestry! Art with texture brings character and life to the walls, its calm yet unexpected. 

    Beyond aesthetics, what elements contribute to making this space truly feel like ‘home’?

    An open floor plan, with open doors to our courtyard rain or shine. I love that I can watch Dylan play from the other end of the room, and entertain whilst standing in the kitchen. 

    Looking ahead, what elements of design are you excited about incorporating into future spaces? What elements will remain?

    Every piece I own will be transported into my future life and cherished. That’s the beauty of selecting classic tonal pieces, they’re forever.  

    Understanding that style evolves over the years, how have your design sensibilities evolved over time when creating a ‘home’?

    I would say as I’ve gotten older I don’t want anything to feel overly trendy, I also had phases of being so obsessed with mid century design I wished for my whole home to consist of hard chairs and sofas which turns out to feel incredibly cold. Finding the balance between vintage and new, comfortable and art is the key. 

    Tigmi is Berber for ‘my home’. What advice would you give to anyone aspiring to create their own dream home?

    Trust your gut, have a little fun and play with layering textures! Finally don’t rush the process, tiny additions will be cherished for years to come


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    Photographed by Alicia Taylor

    Styled by Joseph Gardner 


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