"After years of exploring sustainable design solutions, we're thrilled to finally unveil our Natura lighting collection. Handcrafted entirely in Byron Bay, Natura features Zeoform’s 100% sustainable micro-pulp. Blending beautiful design with social and environmental responsibility has always been our core mission and we firmly believe we should not have to sacrifice one for the other. Beautiful, considered design isn’t just a sustainable vision, it impels modern living." - Danielle McEwan, Creative Director of Tigmi.



This week we introduced our first ever lighting collection, the sustainably designed Natura Lamps.

Years in the making, a slow and deliberate process was undertaken in creating Natura. From our commitment to local craftsmanship, to the careful selection of innovative, sustainable materials we remain true to our core principle of designing with purpose, creating beautiful and timeless products that are inherently good for the planet and future generations.

Natura’s design favours a timeless aesthetic, drawing inspiration from classic modernist styles, presenting a minimalist yet elegant form. The collection features three sizes of table lamps, each available in earthy hues of Sand, Kelp, and Mud. The solid brass fixtures add a touch of enduring quality, ensuring that each lamp is not only beautiful but also built to last.

However, the standout feature of the collection is the material, which utilises revolutionary Zeoform Micro Pulp. This natural material, made from cellulose plant fibres sourced from hemp and recycled paper and requires no petrochemicals, glues, artificial binders, resins, or formaldehyde, giving the lamp a 360-degree lifecycle. All residues from the manufacturing process can be added to the pulp mixture again, meaning there is no material waste or down-cycling. Natura is the first lighting collection, globally, to ever be made from this material.

This innovative structure results in a product that is entirely biodegradable, ensuring that Natura lamps can return to the earth without leaving a trace.



“Design that is beautiful, considered and good for the planet, isn’t just a sustainable vision, it impels modern living.



Handcrafted in Byron Bay, the lamp shells are meticulously formed to achieve a coral-like finish that mimics the natural textures found in rocks, all while maintaining a lightweight structure.

Our hope is that every object we produce will add warmth and beauty to the modern home for years to come. Without compromise, Natura truly embodies this, offering an exciting glimpse into the future of sustainable luxury.

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