Tigmi meaning ‘my home’ in the Berber dialect, is founded on a passion for great art & design that promotes function, workmanship and that evokes and inspires.

We carefully source beautiful & rare Berber rugs and artifacts from Morocco and around the globe.

Our aim is to present an eclectic mix of vintage and contemporary pieces which provide cultural curiosity and support traditional methods of production. 

These unique pieces sit along side a mixture of contemporary art and furniture that reflect the same level of quality of thought in their design & function. 

We celebrate the unique variations and imperfections of the handmade, seeking to unearth timeless pieces that tell a story, add warmth & texture to our lives and will become treasured pieces of the home. 

Tigmi Trading Owner Danielle McEwan

“I find beauty in the unusual and imperfect - every handmade piece is unique... each with it’s own flaws, marks and history, embodying the story of the maker and the magic of Morocco.”

- Danielle McEwan, owner Tigmi Trading

Growing up in an artistic family, it is no surprise that Danielle inherited a passionate eye for art and design. With her grandmother a fashion designer and her mother an artist, Danielle carried an appreciation for the arts and a creative impulse from a young age.  During her early adult years, studying, working and living abroad, ignited an insatiable sense of cultural curiosity. Danielle often spent her weekends scouring the bazaars of Istanbul or frequenting the antique markets in Paris. It was not long before this ‘hobby’ of collecting rare and unusual objects, transpired into something much greater.

With a wandering heart and restless feet, her travels lead her to Morocco. An exotic melting pot of influences from Berber to Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese and French - it was a place like no other. Inspired by the landscape, the people and traditional craftsmanship, Danielle found herself returning to Morocco again….and again.

Today, Danielle returns to Morocco in search of bespoke handwoven textiles and artifacts. Visiting remote Berber villages in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains, she spends her time discovering age old techniques that are deeply rooted in tribal traditions. Over the years, she has formed strong relationships with the local artisans who openly share their knowledge and craft (usually over a cup of mint tea and many Moroccan sweets).

Danielle hand selects every single rug. Sitting cross-legged in the desert heat, she spends countless hours combing through hundreds and hundreds of rugs. There is no formula in selecting each piece, instead she relies on her intuition and astute eye for unusual beauty. Instinctively, she connects with a piece based on the colour palette, asymmetrical shape or interesting composition. Danielle celebrates imperfections and flaws, as they are a result of human craftsmanship and a layered history.

Committed to sustainability and supporting the longevity of traditional techniques, the majority of the rugs Danielle hand selects are pre-loved vintage rugs made from wool. The contemporary pieces are made by skilled artisans using traditional methods that have been passed down from generations.

Tigmi Trading organically evolved as a result of Danielle’s lifelong wanderlust and passion for art, design and handmade treasures that evoke and inspire. With her unwavering appreciation for visual beauty and meaningful design, Danielle is on a mission to bring the essence of faraway cultures into your home.