Tigmi Finds | LRNCE

Surrounded by palms and the carefree spirit of the locals of Marrakesh, founder Laurence Leenaert finds inspiration in day-to-day life of freewheeling Morocco, as well as the cults and rituals of African tribes. 

Launching her brand in 2013 after studying fashion design in Ghent, Laurence made the spontaneous decision to take her work to Marrakesh, where she first began to collaborate with local makers and further refine her work. Bold marks, earthy colours and a naïve aesthetic mark her style, along with a strong flare for originality. Both artist and designer, Laurence uses almost anything as her medium; from mirrors, shoes, paintings and ceramics.


 As with all our brands, Laurence's work supports traditional craftsmanship. Handmade and hand painted in reds, yellows and blues, her ceramics are all one-off artworks and made with the help of local artisans, whose patience and craftsmanship she says, is an important source of inspiration.



We're thrilled to introduce LRNCE to Australian shores at our Byron Bay Studio, Newrybar Merchants space and online.



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