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Hotel Le Sud

"The spirit of the South is here both revisited and modernized, without ostentation or caricature."

— Stephanie Lizée





Located in Juan Les Pins, nestled idyllically between Nice and Cannes, Hotel Le Sud is a Mediterranean dream that beautifully captures the essence of summer, appealing to and delighting the escapist in all of us.

Designed by Paris based Interior Architect Stephanie Lizée, the 29-room boutique hotel was intended to reflect the regions laid-back ambience, achieved in terracotta floors, citrus-hued stripes, rattan chairs, free-hand painted murals and recessed walls. Lizee who is native to the region wanted to capture the spirit of the South, to revisit and modernize it without pretension or having it become a caricature.

In the lobby a pair of chunky orange striped chairs feature like characters with the room anchored by the grooved timber concierge counter.

The bar is lined with wicker chairs down one side, while wire frame seats dressed in floral yellow seat cushions accommodate the other. A striped orange banquette has been set against one peripheral wall, where French artist Franck Lebraly has created a small mural of summer themed motifs.

Within the hotel rooms you will find custom-made furniture created by local artisans and find each space populated by colourful antique objects, paint-splattered or fish print plates that have been used as décor, as well as earth-toned vases. While white is dominant in much of the spaces, each has been given a jolt of joie de vivre with bands of rich colour painted along to top border of the walls. Lizee became particularly interested in the hues of Picasso, letting this guide her in choosing the matching colours of the rooms – terracotta, Klein blue, pine green and yellow. 





Photography  —  Valerio Geraci for Hotel Le Sud

Design —  Stéphanie Lizée 

Location —  Juan Les Pins, Cote D'Azure


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