Tigmi's Top 10 Coffee Table Designs

A coffee table could be considered the heart of a living room. A gathering place that works as an impromptu dining table, a convenient drink holder, a visual display for your best art books, or simply a shelf to put a vase of fresh florals on. We’ve put together an ultimate list of covetable coffee tables from some of our favourite designers that are worthy statement pieces for any living space. Whatever its use, this edit of coffee tables are most certainly too good to gather clutter on


Metafora Table by Lella & Massimo Viginelli

One of the most iconic mid-century modern table designs, the Metfora was created by Lella & Massimo Viginelli in 1979. Featuring four forms of Euclidean geometry, every detail is intentionally symbolic of a time or element in human history. The sphere represents the globe, the pyramid represents Egyptian civilisation, the cylinder represents the Roman empire and the cube represents the stone of Kaaba. Tigmi are thrilled to be the exclusive Australian stockist of these incredible re-issues that are made-to-order with a 12-week lead time. 


Organic Nesting Tables by Tigmi Trading

Make only what is necessary. Tigmi’s first ever bespoke furniture series, the Organic Table Collection was created from the need for more locally-crafted, beautiful and consciously produced pieces. This 3-piece nesting table series allows you to calibrate the format depending on your individual needs, allowing you to reimagine it time and time again. Handcrafted and imbued with integrity the series has a beautiful matte, yet, smooth to touch textural finish. All of our organic nesting tables are made-to-order locally in Byron Bay.



Kitkat Coffee Table by denHolm

This design was born from the idea of creating four of ten fingers and crafted during a surge of free-flowing creativity. Steven Clarke from denHolm adds there was no trial and tribulation with this particular design, ‘We saw a source of inspiration where most saw a snack. We had a break just like they told us to, and now, well, we have a Kit Kat.’



Tide Coffee Table by Sarah Ellison

A monolithic statement piece crafted by style editor turned designer Sarah Ellison, this is a bold piece with a grounding energy thanks to its earthy palette of permanence. It's your choice between oak or limestone legs, it is completed with tempered glass top. The Tide brings warmth and sophistication in both measures.


Cararra Coffee Table by Mangiarotti

Asymmetrical, architectural the Cararra Coffee Table is part of Mangiarotti’s Eros Collection. With no joints or clamps the structural design is gravity-based, embedding between top and leg becoming locked in a pre-set position. The weight of the marble makes the embedding tighter and increases the overall stability of the entire structure. As for the final result, well… this showstopper speaks for itself!


Otti Coffee Table by Metope Studios

Made locally from Australian siltstone, solid brass and glass, the Otti Coffee Table is a contraction of sophisticated yet raw luxury to be found within a home. Metope Studio - the clever team behind its design create beautiful pieces by hand that are imbued with inherent honesty in the form of Australian materials.

Metope Studios Made in Australia Tigmi Trading



BT 2 Rattan Table by Tito Agnoli

A worthy accompaniment to the Tito Angnoli P3 chairs, the BT2 Rattan table completes that European holiday at home look. Circular and sturdy this rattan piece was produced by Italian company Pierantonio Bonacina that championed rattan as its only material. Durable and reliable, rattan can withstand heavy loads – not that we’re asking you to dance on this incredible piece, but it’s nice to know you could!


JUMBO Coffee Table by Gae Aulenti

The iconic Gae Aulenti ‘JUMBO’ Coffee Table is the perfect intersect between graceful form and opulent strength. This large item shows Aulenti’s precisely constructed and architectural use of forms, blending the principles of classic Roman architecture and her own interest in industrial design. The key to pulling off a table as heavy and large as this is to leave enough space around the table so it can be observed and appreciated at every angle, which is exactly the celebration this beautiful piece calls for.




Alanda Coffee Table by Paolo Piva

Perhaps the only part of the 80’s we don’t want to forget, the Alanda coffee table is an iconic piece that served a highly successful reign during the era. While it has a strong and daring geometrical design, it is still minimalistic and has an entirely modern feel, featuring a glass surface that floats over inverted metal pyramids.


Extra Large Slat Bench by Charlotte Perriand

Originally made for the African town of Cansado Mauritania, it was designed accordingly to fit the modernist principles of the place, Perriand of course a fitting choice for the job. This low bench is a variation of the slat bench she designed in Japan in the mid-1950s. Consisting of 13 slats of wood, directing the eye to travel down low it is versatile enough to also become a padded bench at the simple addition of cushions.



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