with Lara from St. Agni


with Lara from St. Agni

Founded in 2014 in Byron Bay, design label St. Agni and its handcrafted, woven leather wares is the essence of laid-back coastal refinement. Their vision of creating timeless pieces with a less is more attitude that celebrates authentic design is very close to our hearts. We appreciate the relationships they have built with the artisans they work closely with, as well as an aesthetic that is influenced by fine lines, nostalgia and nonchalance.

We had a quick chat to founder Lara, and while we might never have the discipline it takes to achieve an empty inbox(!) we wholeheartedly agree that making time to fuel your creativity is imperative.

Who inspires you and why? 

I'm most inspired by mothers, the immense responsibility of being one and seeing how women juggle the role of motherhood alongside everything else they have to do!

Do you have any rituals that keep you creative? If so, what are they?

I feel that to be creative you must switch off from everything else around you and allow yourself to wander and daydream. Whether it be through exploring your imagination, a magazine, a book, Pinterest or nature, I think giving yourself time to feel creative and fuel this creativity is so important.


Their flagship store is nestled in the Arts & Industry estate in Byron Bay- just a few minutes from the Tigmi Studio

What’s your favourite line in a song or poem?  

"I carry your heart (I carry it in my heart)" - from the poem [I carry your heart with me(I carry it in] by E.E. Cummings. This poem is special to me because my friend read it out as part of her speech at our wedding.

Given the choice of anyone in the world, who would you want as a dinner guest and why? 

I would choose to have a dinner with my whole family. Matt and I have family all over the world - so it would be such a treat to have them all together for a meal!

Best advice you’ve ever received?

The best advice I have been given is from my mum when I was at school and was trying to figure out what I wanted to do. She said to me "The hardest part is making a choice - once you choose what you want, it's easy because every decision you make after that is towards that first choice"

10 things that make you smile: 

  1. My husband Matt and my son Jude 
  2. Family dinners at home
  3. Clean sheets 
  4. A warm shower 
  5. Coffee
  6. Curling up with some chocolate and a cup of tea 
  7. A day at the beach with friends
  8. An empty inbox 
  9. Fresh flowers 
  10. Sunshine 



White-washed interiors and ochre accents provide the perfect backdrop for St. Agni’s range and our 'Pompei Haouz' vintage Moroccan rug.

Images by Lisa Sorgini Instagram

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