Juliette from Deiji Studios


Juliette from Deiji Studios

There are many things we love about Byron Bay based linen brand Deiji Studios, probably nothing more so than the fact we can confidently wear pajamas to the office. Their vision to support your best sleep yet is a winner in our eyes, while also embracing slow fashion and design using sustainable natural materials to create timeless pieces to be enjoyed in the home. We caught up with one half of Deiji – Juliette Harkness - in her light filled Suffolk park home for a French earl grey and tête-à-tête.  

Tell us how Deiji Studios came about?

We started Deiji Studios almost 2 years ago in a small single garage with linen bedding, that organically turned into sleepwear and loungewear. We wanted to support slow fashion and simplify the way we dressed. 

Your designs are made to be enjoyed in the home, what do you enjoy most about your home? 

The natural light and the new front deck that my brother built for us. At the moment we are in the process of renovating which we have been slowly doing piece by piece. I truly appreciate every little part of our home as it is a project of love done together with my partner for ourselves and our children.


What are the common elements of your favourite interior spaces in the world? 

I am always drawn to light and glass, to me a beautiful space will have these things. 

What is your biggest design influence?

We very much influenced by Japanese culture and this comes through in our 01 Sets and Robes and the wider arms on our 03 shirts. We love the minimalistic approach to dressing and focus just as much on fabric and texture in our design. 


We love the minimalistic approach to dressing and focus just as much on fabric and texture in our design.


What does the perfect day look like for you?

A fresh made coffee from my partner (he makes a killer one) then an early trip to the ocean with the kids to eat bacon and egg rolls. The beach is always so peaceful and calm in the mornings - just this really makes my day. 

When are you most creative?

When I am driving, usually.

Best advice you’ve ever received? 

Don’t spread yourself too thin.

You’re one part of Deiji Studios, what can you say about working alongside your business partner Emma? 

Emma is great, she is the dream business partner and friend. Because our relationship is always open and honest we are able to run the Deiji without too many obstacles. We both have different strengths and are both really appreciative of each other which helps balance it all.

What’s next for Deiji? 

We are playing around with some new fabrications and cuts, stay tuned.


No doubt you'll see us adorning these new styles soon! 

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