Coup de Coeur




Welcome to the launch of Coup de Coeur - which literally means ‘a blow to the heart’.

We hope it will serve as an inspirational portal where we will be transporting you to places and spaces that constantly inspire and blow us away. This week we have been reflecting on the launch of our first furniture range - the Organic Table collection. We have been in awe of the response to the collection and it had us talking about the appeal of organic shapes and spaces and what makes them resonate so strongly with us as humans. 

It was both the organic shapes of the beautifully inspiring space that is the Palmerias Room, along with the blurred boundaries between inside and out - something we are craving and awakened to during these crazy lockdown days that has inspired our very first Coup de Coeur.

The Palmeiras Room Brazil is a designed environment that is balanced by the rigidity of orthogonal shapes, and the organic and fluid character of the layout and the furniture. It is also a strategic observation of natural light as it arrives, how it acts and where it transitions to within the space, created by Estudio Sala architects Carla Cruz and Philipe Pinheiro. While the design elements are strong individually, they harmoniously coexist together – highlights include the Cariri Chairs that were carved in Tauari Wood by designer Andrea Borogni, the Golem Chair from designer Vico Magistretti and the circular mirror designed by the office. 

"For me, it's actually a big balcony that is open all the time", explains Philipe. 

As these times are forcing us to retreat inwards, creating a sanctuary at home that harmoniously balances form and function and that offers a seamless blurring between inside and out, it is something we are aspiring to create with our own homes.  


Photographed by Joao Viegas and Daniel Mansur

Designed by Estudio Sala 


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