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L'appartement by Studio KO

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Studio KO Architecture Design Tigmi Journal
Studio KO Architecture Design Tigmi Journal




Studio KO is synonymous with creating some of the most intriguing modern spaces of the past decade. A constant source of inspiration, the spaces they create always take their cue from the environment they are rooted to and yet breathe a fresh modernity that is simple, refined and without pretence. We have followed their work over the years and their ability to weave the history of the past into a modern space resonates with our own design sensibility. We were thrilled to shoot our Berber rug collection at their incredible Villa E in Morocco. Recently the architectural duo Olivier Marty and Karl Fournier opened up the door to their own Parisian apartment to WSJ, and we were so inspired by their space we wanted to share it here in our next instalment for Coup de Coeur.

Now an intimate sanctuary, the house was once occupied by gallery owner Waring Hopkins who embraced the space during the maximalist disco era, with burgundy lacquered ceilings and mirror walls. Redistributing the space towards their lifestyle the apartment was completely re-designed by the duo, embracing the natural elements with light filtered to the west by screens and windows opening onto balconies planted with greenery.

There is a leather sofa that snakes its way through the living space, an area chosen to accommodate the multitude of friends and family who stop by. A gentle tranquillity permeates this new layout, now embracing natural colours, raw materials and antique furniture, creating a softness that flows throughout.

“A lot of people think that being modern is to imagine the future, and to try and bring the future in to the present. Lots of designers work in that direction. We are exactly the opposite. We look back, in the other direction. And what is still relevant and appropriate, we use it and bring it forward. That is the way we want to be modern. The interest in the past and vintage things—nobody saw that coming. It’s a kind of refuge, now, the past. To bring things from the past to nowadays is what we love.” – Studio KO



Photographed by Francois Halardim for Wall Street Journal

Designed by Studio KO 



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