Palazzo Daniele

Coup de Coeur

Palazzo Daniele


"Limits can be turned into possibilities. Respecting the history of a place, its soul, even when we try to give a new function to it, is a great point to start from."

Palazzo Daniele is an ‘artful nuance’ born by current owner and the last descendent of the Daniele family - Franceso Petrucci, helped with the vision of his friend, Italian hotelier and entrepreneur Gabriele Salini.

A 161-year-old aristocratic townhouse that harmonises ancient beauty and contemporary edge - Palazzo Daniele is an adaption of Salini’s desire to unite art, design, and history to redefine the idea of Italian hospitality. Working with architects Palambo Serifini Associati, the core principle of the project was to give the guests the feeling that they were intimate guests of a family palazzo, inviting them to stay as part of their community.

Public spaces throughout the property embrace this communal sentiment, encouraging guests to convene by the living rooms fireplace, walk thru the open kitchen setting and gather around the open-air courtyard, which is Palazzo Daniele’s architectural centrepiece.

Celebrating the bones of the property, the pair exaggerated the grandeur and the history with the palazzo by highlighting original frescoes, neoclassical murals and mosaic flooring, stripping this back with monastically simplified bedrooms, vaulted ceilings, exposed walls, and mirrored salons.

They carefully use this absence to their benefit, creating a dramatic canvas for the property’s contemporary art collection and installations, “In doing this, we ‘freed’ these spaces from their conventional functions, creating a dramatic canvas for our contemporary art collection and modern furnishings,” says Gabriele.

What remains is an indulgent and captivating hotel that stays with you - long after you have gone.


Photography  — Alicia Taylor for TIGMI 

Design —  Palambo Serifini Associati 

Location — Gagliano del Capo Puglia, Italy 




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