Abandoned Italian Palaces

Coup de Coeur

Abandoned Italian Palaces


'Letting the light filter through the darkness', a masters interpretation of architectural design in the 20th century.

What is it that is so enchanting about an abandoned interior? Uninhibited and almost forgotten - yet so full of charm. At times we find them reduced to dilapidated details, but they never cease to fascinate.

Recently we came across these stunning photographs from Italian photographer Paolo Abate. Sending us on a visual journal through abandoned interiors of Italian palazzos, with light that still dances across the empty spaces.

Finding an opportunity after many years of stillness, we find courtyards that nature has tried to reclaim. In the walls there are slender, flowing branches that intertwine in the cracks. Throughout, rooms are embraced by nature, forgiven and embraced with the passing years. Beautifully intricate artworks of angels and cherubs are intact overhead, hovering overhead in the ornate ceilings. Painted by talented hands, they would not be out of place in any fine art gallery had canvas been chosen instead. 

There is silence found in the stillness, broken only by the rustling wind, perhaps whispering of the lives that were once lived between these walls.



Photography  — Paolo Abate for AD France

Design — 20th Century Masters

Location —  Tuscany, Italy


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