Georges Adilon

Coup de Coeur

Georges Adilon

“The exterior is the result of what has been designed inside.”










An extraordinary creator and author of abundant work, French architect Georges Adilon was constantly seeking new means of expression. Trying his hand at painting and as a sculptural artist before eventually finding his way to architecture.

His dwellings were works of art that played on the spiritual and dynamic relationship between design and nature, and were often characterised by a sculptural and stripped-down approach. Restoring all nobility to raw concrete, he felt the material best translated his architectural ideas giving him the ability to transmute both the exterior and interior. 

While his designs reflected modern architecture, he also decidedly created timeless forms in ways that were surprising and conceptual. Consistently transcending the codes of architecture, each were designed in an ’upside down’ process by working his way from the inside out with the exterior arriving as a result of what had been designed inside.

Working with light as another elemental design detail, the openings he imagined went beyond traditional rule - round, elongated, immense or on the contrary small and multiple, even taking the form of pebbles. Nature was always Adilon’s greatest inspiration, both for the artistic and technical design of a dwelling.


Photography —  Blaise Adilon

Design —  Georges Adilon



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