Tigmi Interiors

Founded upon the pillars of great art and design, TIGMI believes in the immense aesthetic and functional value of everyday objects. 

Under our meticulous eye, we bring together the best curation of unique and one-of-a-kind treasures, inviting them to join our collection of vintage and contemporary rugs, iconic furniture & lighting, exclusive re-editions and locally-made pieces. 

We understand the importance of creating timeless spaces that hold beauty and functionality, and that by doing so we directly enhance our everyday lives.  Moreover,  It’s our belief that our spaces should be an honest & personal expression of the way we wish to live and our connection to the world.  

Our aim to present pieces that spark conversation, have a rich story to tell and that truely reflect and enhance the lives of those living there. We believe in considered and thoughtful design and support sustainable and ethical practices in everything we do.

Our teams mission is to impart our well-informed design and interiors knowledge with a tailored and strategic approach. We believe in working collaboratively to create a space that is tailored to each clients specific needs, individual aesthetic and budget.

With a reputation founded upon genuine working relationships, TIGMI have access to a unique and diverse network of artisans and suppliers, from sourcing coveted and iconic objects of desire, to creating made-to-order designs or  re-editions. 

We welcome all projects residential and commercial, local and international.  

For more information, to make an appointment, or schedule a conversation, we look forward to receiving your message kimberley@tigmitrading.com