TIGMI, meaning ‘my home’ in the Berber dialect, honours timeless design and traditional craftsmanship.

"It is my belief that a home should be an honest and personal expression of soul. A reflection of the way you want to live, a definition of personal taste and your connection to the world. We understand the importance of creating spaces that hold beauty and functionality and that by doing so we directly enhance our everyday lives. We aim to present pieces that spark conversation, have a rich story to tell and that these stories will live on in the homes they are destined for."


Our Story

Based in Byron Bay Australia, TIGMI founder and creative director Danielle McEwan travels the globe in search of one-off rugs, art and objects, hand-selecting each one for her inspired collections. Harbouring authentic relationships with her suppliers, she’s invested in their stories and supportive of their traditional craft. 

After years travelling for her career in the music industry, Danielle’s life-long love for culture and discerning eye for art & design in all forms, is what led her to launch Tigmi.

Her only criteria when selecting each piece, is that it is made with love and inspires connection - adding an invisible, but palpable layer of beauty and soul to the home. 

Our Philosophy

Under a considered lens, TIGMI create and curate a meticulous edit of artisan-made rugs, unique and iconic vintage furniture, art and objects for the modern home. 

With collections that span from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, to the Black Sea and far flung places in-between.

Hallmarked by iconic design and traditional craftsmanship, humanist values are captured in the visible signs of the hands of the maker in every piece. 

We are on a perpetual search to curate and create design that blurs beauty and function and are committed to responsible practice to sustain the economies and techniques of traditional artisans. We believe a home layered with unique objects and infused with rich stories and traditional craftsmanship can spark memories, inspire and evoke - enhancing everyday life.

Inspired by escape, our aesthetic is one of simple sophistication and the effortless beauty of aged vintage pieces, paired with the elegance of modern design.

Tigmi believes that modern luxury is that which supports slow, intentional and enduring design. Our hope is that every object we present will add warmth & beauty to the modern home for years to come.