Tigmi in partnership with ReForest Now


Tigmi in partnership with ReForest Now

“We recognise the Earth as a living system and we make it possible for people from all stages of life to contribute to the protection, renewal, and survival of our forests in Australia."- ReForest Now

In May 2020, we announced our partnership with ReForest Now, a non-profit environmental NGO established in 2018 and based in our own backyard in Northern NSW, Australia. Their mission is to return rainforest back to the land where it once stood and to protect existing rainforests of Australia and the rich ecosystems within by growing and planting trees. Working with them since then, every rug sold at Tigmi initiated 1 tree planted, till now October 2022, where we will be doubling down on our commitment and planting 5 trees for every rug sold. While this is a small step it is a very exciting milestone for us as we work towards creating a lighter footprint and a greener future.


ReForest Now grow and plant trees in Australia, working to protect, conserve, and regenerate forests by growing over 150 species of native trees and planting in and around rainforest and non-tropical forests.

“We prioritise vulnerable and endangered species, genetic diversity of the trees, biodiversity, and ecological awareness of the planting sites for long-term survival of the trees we plant. Involving the local and wider community is central to our operations.”

They have designed their planting projects to include the involvement of the local community through their involvement in open planting days and at nursery volunteer days.

“When the local community feel connected to the environment the motivation to protect it stays strong and we can maximise the longevity of the rainforest through increased community support.”


Trees contribute to their environment by providing oxygen, improving air quality, climate amelioration, conserving water, preserving soil, and supporting wildlife. We need forests and we know it. As the climate continues to change our forests are vulnerable which makes us vulnerable as we rely on them for clean air and to house biodiversity we cherish. And who doesn’t want to see rainforests thrive?

The Australian rainforests are also biodiversity hotspots and two of the oldest rainforests in the world. They represent longevity of the earths rainforests. Protecting them means respecting and protecting history and beauty for generations to come.



STEP 1: SEED AND WILDLING COLLECTION - Seed and wildling collection of around 450 trees and vine species from NNSW forests, and thousands from the Daintree rainforest. With collection and harvesting, timing is everything as with many species the window for flowering and fruiting can be just a few weeks per year.

STEP 2: THE NURSERY - The harvested material is brought back to the ReForest Now Nursery in Mullumbimby NSW, housing tens of thousands of trees per year. Every Sunday their volunteer managers run seed propagation, potting, weeding and other tasks taking special care to ensure the growth of vulnerable, endangered and critically endangered species.



STEP 3: DONATIONS, COLLABORATION, AND PARTNERSHIPS -  Anyone can give trees through the ReForest Now website and people from all around the world have donated to their cause. We are one of the many businesses who have realised the impacts of enhancing our social responsibility has on satisfaction of our team, knowing we are contributing to greater social issues and wellbeing.

STEP 4: IDENTIFYING A SITE AND SITE PREPARATION - Working primarily in the Byron Shire of NSW and the Daintree rainforest in Far North QLD, site identification and preparation takes place on cleared land, along the periphery of rainforest and subtropical rainforest, and on private and public land. So far, all of the land ReForest Now plant on was once rainforest before it was cleared for extensive and various forms of agriculture and farming – and once this use ceases the land is clear or patchy but retains its rich fertile soil. Species are chosen specifically to suit the micro climate of each site and holes are drilled in preparation for planting.

STEP 5: PLANTING - Once the site is prepared and the trees have been funded and grown, ReForest Now are ready to host a planting event. Through invitation on their social channels, anywhere from 25 to 100 people arrive to plant thousands of trees in just 1 hour, planting from at least 50 to as many as 120 species on a single day.

STEP 6: MAINTENANCE - ReForest Now has several forms of maintenance agreements – sometimes they look after the trees themselves, or otherwise agreements are made for landholders, contractors, government teams from National Parks or otherwise to do so. Great care is taken in planting trees densely to speed up canopy closure and so the ecosystem can start to restore itself fully as quickly as possible.





With the commencement of our partnership with ReForest Now in May 2020, every rug sold at Tigmi Trading resulted in 1 tree planted. Tigmi trees have been assigned to multiple sites, with help from the dedicated team at ReForest Now.

More than 600 trees have been planted in our name so far and as of October 2022, we will be planting 5 trees for every rug sold. 

To learn more or to donate to ReForest Now, head to their website: REFORESTNOW.ORG.AU






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    I would like participate in the next planting event
    Congratulations on your initiative

    July 02, 2022

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