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Tigmi Tea Ceremony with Sam Gibb

Mindfulness isn’t difficult – we just need to remember to do it.

Join Sam Gibb from Cloud Hidden for tea at our first ever Tigmi Tea Ceremony on Saturday 22 June in our Byron Bay Studio. Through an hour long silent ceremony guided by Sam we will gather to practise mindfulness and quiet reflection as we journey through the ritual of making tea and sharing community.


Combining experience across a range of fields including education, international humanitarian aid, business, trauma-formed psychosocial therapy, mindfulness based training, case management, and youth services as well as monastic training, Sam brings a truly unique perspective and skill set to his ceremonies.


“My teacher always says ‘space is what gives function’. Because the tea pot is empty, we can fill it. Tea practice becomes a process of making space in our lives. The more space we create for tea, the more we are filled.” - Sam Gibb


The common thread that weaves thought every part of the journey is the search for truth, empathy and humanity; with the hope that within these lie the tools for us to break free from the shared bonds of human suffering.


“Within the simple act of making tea lies something deeper. This herb has always been a medicine in the East, and we seek create a space to reconnect human life to our place within the world.” - Sam Gibb

Sam will host two ceremonies during the day – 10-11am and 2-3pm – with spaces limited and bookings essential. The ceremony includes 45 minute tea mediation followed by a discussion on the Way of Tea. $25 pp.

To book call the studio on (02) 66943073 or email us at hello@tigmitrading.com.



Images by @jo.yeldham


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