ANNI LU, aka Helle Vestergaard Poulsen


ANNI LU, aka Helle Vestergaard Poulsen

It is 2013 and Helle Vestergaard Poulsen has left her Creative Director role at a Danish fashion publication to create more than a jewellery brand, but a playful and fun universe that can keep up with the world of fashion. Working as a conduit that connects your clothing to your innate personal style, the result was a thoroughly collectable and playful collection of delicate handmade jewellery - detailed with shell charms, freshwater pearls and tropical inspired palettes. 

Guided by Helle's personal style of ‘A surfer girl on a shopping spree in Paris’ ANNI LU is also the perfect aesthetic of a city girl on a holiday, which just might be the reason it is always so coveted in our Byron Bay studio.

Who then is ANNI LU you might ask? It is a combination of the two women who inspire her most, her late mother Anni and Luella her daughter.

Working before as a Creative Director in fashion, what changed your trajectory towards jewellery design?

I started ANNI LU in 2013 alongside my previous career. I felt that there was something missing in the market; a colourful, fun and not too serious jewellery brand, that could be matched with the latest trends in fashion.

We love the playful and sometimes unexpected colour combinations we find in your collections, how does colour inspiration come to you?

I have always had an addiction with colours - also in my previous jobs as an art director, I just love the way you can use colours and contrast to tell a story and create a universe. I find a lot of my specific inspiration from fashion, travels, the nature and interior design

Anni Lu was named after your Mother and Daughter, do you feel like your designs hold any of their characteristics also? 

Both are very creative, and the playfulness come from my daughter Luella, and the craftsmanship from my late mother Anni. All three of us could spend hours drawing and creating things together.








Your collections always seem to conjure the feeling of a holiday. If Anni Lu was holiday destination, where would it be?

A road trip from California to Mexico - maybe with a stopover in Bali.

What are your styling dos and dont's when it comes to jewellery?

Don’t take it too seriously. And do what you think suits you.


I just love the way you can use colours and contrast to tell a story and create a universe.

You told Forbes that one of the pillars of your business is working with inspiring people, please tell us about someone inspiring you have worked with?

We did a collaboration with French designer Vanessa Bruno last year, which taught us a lot about never to be afraid to think big. That was very inspiring.




Jewellery can be quite indicative of personal style – how would you describe your personal style?

Surfer girl on a shopping spree in Paris.

The sea features so regularly in your collections, please tell us about your connection to the sea?

My family and I live in a house by the sea north of Copenhagen, so swimming, SUP´ing and being near the ocean is a part of everyday life for us. Or at least in the few months when it is hot in Denmark. Otherwise we try to travel as much as possible to lovely beaches around the world.

Tigmi is Berber for My Home. Please tell us what you think is the most fundamental element of a home?

The stories of a home are the most important. Both from the people who live there and from all the pieces that have a special meaning for you.







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