Handwoven by artisans across Turkey, each piece through its design reflects a period of history that was influenced by the ebb and flow of different cultures moving through the region over centuries.  One-of-a-kind and handmade from all natural fibres, each rug is rich in design, colour and adorned with the symbols that are traditionally passed on from mother to daughter.

  • The Cascades Oushak
  • Taylor Turkish Kilim
  • Tauhou Kars
  • Suvi Kars
  • Sussudio Turkish Kilim
  • Sale
    Summer Pack Sumak
  • Shalala Turkish Kilim
  • Mockingbird Oushak
  • Middle Child Oushak
  • Marcel Turkish Kilim
  • Lukin Oushak
  • Leadfoot Turkish Kilim
  • Imogen Kars
  • Graceland Turkish Kilim
  • First Week Turkish Kilim
  • Estrelar Oushak
  • Domani Oushak
  • Desert Raven Oushak
  • Calma Oushak
  • Bonita Oushak
  • Backdrops Turkish Kilim
  • Ascending Turkish Kilim
  • Altona Oushak