Handmade by Berber tribes across the Atlas Mountains, Moroccan carpets are genuine works of functional art. The imperfect chaos or broken, random pattern of each piece reflects the whim of weaver as well as the history of their tradition.

‘Nowhere else has the tradition of weaving been expressed with such creativity, originality and vitality than Morocco.’  - Francoise Dorget

  • Zionsville Azilal
  • White Gloves Beni M'Guild
  • Westlake Znaga
  • Sale
    Wayside Beni M'Rirt
  • Tilted Azilal
  • The Fixer Beni M'Guild
  • Sale
    The Canyon Kilim Rug
  • Taki Taki Tuareg
  • Tabu Boujad
  • Silencio Boujad
  • Sientelo Beni M'Rirt
  • Siboney Boujad
  • Sandy Beni M'Rirt
  • Rosie Azilal
  • Sale
    Rhodes Talsint
  • Sale
    Redbone Talsint
  • Pueblo Beni M'Guild
  • Promesses Boujad
  • Sale
    Pencils Beni Ourain
  • Sale
    Paul Kilim
  • October Beni M'Guild
  • Namoi Beni M'Guild
  • Sale
    Mirrorland Beni Ourain
  • Mindinga Boujad
  • Sale
    Marazion Kilim
  • Love Buzz Beni M'Rirt
  • Lofi Beni M'Rirt
  • Linden Beni M'Rirt
  • Lemon Drop Beni Ourain
  • Sale
    Landmarks Talsint
  • La Ravertona Tuareg
  • Homebody Beni Ourain
  • Gracia Beni Ourain
  • Dizzy Beni Ourain
  • Deleter Boujad
  • Bebey Beni M'Rirt
  • Banquet Beni M'Rirt
  • Afrika Wassa Boujad