A modern interpretation of classic designs, our contemporary rugs all handmade by craftsmen using traditional methods that embrace slow design. Each rug represents the continuation of time honoured skills and with proper care will become an heirloom to be treasured for generations.

  • Ikaros Beni M'Rirt
  • Terra Firma Beni M'Rirt
  • Sonhos Kilim
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    The Canyon Kilim Rug
  • Mirror Lake Beni M'Rirt
  • Chrome Kilim
  • Starfire Kilim
  • Sale
    Hotel Radio Kilim
  • Sale
    Butterscotch Kilim
  • Sale
    Lucky Penny Kilim
  • El Buho Beni M'Rirt
  • Lucia Beni M'Rirt
  • Fantasia Beni M'Rirt
  • Paul Kilim
  • Sphinx Kilim
  • Cantileno Beni M'Rirt
  • Camdino Soul Beni M'Rirt
  • Embers Boujad
  • Marazion Kilim
  • Il Voyage Beni M'Rirt
  • Wayside Beni M'Rirt
  • Eden Beni M'Rirt
  • Roller Girl Kilim