Explore our full collection of handmade & one-of-a-kind vintage, traditional and contemporary rugs sourced from around the globe directly from weavers. Supporting timeless traditions and nurturing real and fair relationships, we choose sustainability over expedience. Each rug has its own story and is hand loomed using techniques passed down from one maker to the next, throughout centuries; an heirloom to become part of your story.

  • Wonderwall Beni M'Rirt
  • Western Stars Beni Ourain
  • Wayside Beni M'Rirt
  • Venice Boulevard Beni M'Rirt
  • Vamos Tuareg
  • Undiscovered Oushak
  • Ticker Beni M'Rirt
  • This Boy Oushak
  • The Strut Beni M'Guild
  • The Owl Iranian Khorasan
  • Sale
    The Canyon Kilim Rug
  • Sale
    Taylor Turkish Kilim
  • Taki Taki Tuareg
  • Sale
    Summer Pack Sumak
  • Sale
    Street Lights Beni Ourain
  • Sola Kilim
  • Sientelo Beni M'Rirt
  • Shelby Beni M'Rirt
  • Sealion Turkish Kilim
  • Sasami Beni M'Rirt
  • Sandy Beni M'Rirt
  • Same Love Beni M'Rirt
  • Sale
    Saman Boujad
  • Rouge Beni M'Rirt
  • Rhodes Talsint
  • Redbone Talsint
  • Sale
    Pineapple Jam Boucherouite
  • Pencils Beni Ourain
  • Sale
    Paul Kilim
  • Nocturne Oushak
  • New Orleans Kilim
  • Neve Beni M'Rirt
  • Myriads Boujad
  • Moonlighting Beni M'Rirt
  • Mood Ring Oushak
  • Mirrorland Beni Ourain
  • Milkshake Boujad
  • Middle Child Oushak
  • Marula Beni Ourain
  • Sale
    Marazion Kilim
  • Lust Turkish Hemp Kilim
  • Lofi Beni M'Rirt
  • Sale
    Landmarks Talsint
  • La Ravertona Tuareg
  • Sale
    Keepsake Beni Ourain
  • Sale
    Katja Boujad
  • Jungle Boujad
  • Juke Beni M'Rirt
  • Juan Beni Handira
  • Johny Oushak
  • Jazz Cats Beni M'Guild
  • Jambo Beni M'Rirt
  • Iguana Beni M'Rirt
  • Hot Motion Boujad
  • Gypsy Beni Ourain
  • Gracia Beni Ourain
  • Glitter Oushak
  • Gemini Feed Turkish Kilim
  • Frida Azilal
  • Feathers Beni M'Rirt