Explore our full collection of handmade & one-of-a-kind vintage, traditional and contemporary rugs sourced from around the globe directly from weavers. Supporting timeless traditions and nurturing real and fair relationships, we choose sustainability over expedience. Each rug has its own story and is hand loomed using techniques passed down from one maker to the next, throughout centuries; an heirloom to become part of your story.

  • Roller Girl Kilim
  • Voodoo Boujad
  • Eden Beni M'Rirt
  • Wayside Beni M'Rirt
  • Shoop Beni M'Guild
  • Bamako Beni M'Guild
  • Myriads Boujad
  • Marazion Kilim
  • Fais Rien Tuareg
  • Taki Taki Tuareg
  • Aura Kilim
  • Alexander Kilim
  • Back Pedal Beni Ourain
  • Okkervil River Beni Ourain
  • Pencils Beni Ourain
  • Coda Azilal
  • Jungle Boujad
  • Berny Beni Ourain
  • Katja Boujad
  • Pineapple Jam Boucherouite
  • Paul Kilim
  • Vamos Tuareg
  • Summer Pack Sumak
  • The Canyon Kilim Rug
  • Sale
    Ikaros Beni M'Rirt
  • Milkshake Boujad