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These rugs are rarities from various regions of Morocco and Turkey. From the northern Middle Atlas mountains, the Beni M'Guild tribe create very special deep pile carpets, often using brown, aubergine, blue, deep mauve and dark tangerine. Talsint rugs come from the Figuig provence in the north eastern region of Morocco, where the carpets are made by the Berber women, typically with strong colours of red, purple and orange. Tuareg rugs are created by the nomadic Tuareg tribes in Mauritania, the desert of Morocco, from reed and feature geometric designs woven with leather. Our Turkish Canes are sourced from Turkey and reworked in France by Cote Pierre. Each piece has been carefully selected allowing us to offer one of the most unique ranges of Moroccan and Turkish rugs online in Australia sourced directly from around the globe. 

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